Storage File postprocessing

Requre allows you to filter generated data files for sensitive values what is changed every time, eg. timestamps.

This feature is important to git or public repositories
  • avoid unwanted changes
  • leaking sensitive data
There are two possibilities for how to use it:
  • Command-line tool - simple usage, apply rules to files, but not so powerful.
  • Directly in python - You have to call the DictProcessing object from requre.utils It is more powerful because you avoid relying on some retyping of command line parameters

Command line tool

It Applies replacements rules to files. Replacements rule format is described with the help of the command-line tool.

The format is match_string:key:type_of_value:value
  • match_string use format selector1%selector2%... to select subtrees where to apply rules. It can be also omitted, then replacement is applied to the whole tree.
  • key - name of key where value will be replaced. It supports replacing just dictionary items, but on any level.
  • value - value to replace in key item.
$ requre-patch purge --help
Usage: requre-patch purge [OPTIONS] [FILES]...

  --replaces TEXT  match_string:key:type_of_value:value = Substitution query
                   in format, where match_string is in format of selecting
                   dictionary keys:selector1%selector2, type_of_value is some
                   object what is serializable and part or builtins module
                   (e.g. int)
  --dry-run        Do not write changes back
  --help           Show this message and exit.

Usage inside python code

You can play with replaces when you have access to python code and to STORAGE object.

Example usage could be, that your test code, does data postprocessing as part of tear down steps of test code, before persistent storage is explicitly dumped.

from requre.utils import STORAGE, DictProcessing

class testClass(unittest.TestCase):
    def setUp(self):
        STORAGE.storage_file = "/tmp/file.yaml"

    def teadDown(self):
        dp = DictProcessing(STORAGE.object_storage)
        matched_subdict = dp.match(["a", "b", 1])
        dp.replace(matched_subdict, "key", "value")

    def test(self):
        # any code using replacement
Exmplanation of example:
  • dp = DictProcessing(STORAGE.object_storage)
    Pass storage dict (STORAGE.object_storage) object to processing class
  • matched_subdict = dp.match(["a", "b", 1])
    Use keys "a", "b", 1 for searching in dictionary keys. There is important order, but not mandatory to be direct children.
  • dp.replace(matched_subdict, "key", "value")
    Replace every occurrence of key-value by "value" (It searches it in dictionaries)